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A professional SDVX player. A member of GiGO (BEMANI PRO LEAGUE -SEASON 2-/SOUND VOLTEX).


Date Place Competition Category Title Remarks
2022/02/27 Top 4 KING of Performai The 3rd CHUNITHM
2022/02/12 Top 4 The 10th KAC NOSTALGIA
2021/03/14 2nd KING of Performai 2020 CHUNITHM
2020/02/02 1st The 9th KAC Basic category NOSTALGIA
2020/01/19 Top 16 The 9th KAC (Easten area elimination) SOUND VOLTEX
2020/01/19 2nd The 9th KAC (Easten area elimination) Basic category NOSTALGIA
2019/01/27 Top 4 The 8th KAC SOUND VOLTEX
2019/01/12 Top 2 The 8th KAC (Easten area elimination) SOUND VOLTEX
2019/01/26 Top 4 The 5th Tenkaichi Otogesai SOUND VOLTEX
2018/02/10 Top 8 The 4th Tenkaichi Otogesai CHUNITHM
2015/02/14 Top 4 The 4th KAC SOUND VOLTEX